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plastic or fake ♥
20110127 • 14:36 • 0 comments

nowadays , girls have this weird dream :
♥ do plastic surgery

you will shock and wonder why i said that .
yeah , i know , its weird dream .
sometime , i have that dream  too ,
but i told myself , its wrongdoing..

i'm not critics or what..
but its true,,
for example ,
korean people .

you've seen that most korean actress or people look pretty , gorgeous , sweet and perfect.
actually they like us , simple and not perfect.. but not all of them .. some people..
they are plastic..
you know why ? they do surgery and its cheating..
they did at their nose , mouth , eyes to make big and eyelids and more
i'm not said that they are stupid or..
but, i felt  that its not fair and not grateful to your god ,
this is your god creature , don't change it..

for an example :
korean actress , lee si young :)
she is the actress for BOF , Playful kiss n more..

BEFORE: (she's the one in the pink with curly hair)


its the same to the other people like korean , japanese , chinese  and others ..
the highest rate of people who do surgery  is KOREA.



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