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waiting to be broken
20170806 • 01:14 • 0 comments

Assalammualaikum wbt.
i hope u guys in good condition..

Lalalala tgk tjuk mcm sedih je haha

Sedih tu bkanlah apa sgt cuma hurt je. eh bukan same je ke?  lantakla pandai2 la korg teka.

Sebenarnya my heart is kinda you know confused either want to ignore or care?

waiting to be broken is like u ll not forget someone until that someone broke u up. so if the person say stop i ll stop and im not going to catch up. even it ll be pain like idk how to describe bcs im such person who dont make such decision to confess or getting close to people. i nvr did that bfore. yes for me i did lose my pride. pride mendenye? yelaah aku ni dahla pendiam, jenis pendam lpastu klua plak ttiba. shame on me *facepalm*


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