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Yamapi's Diary
20110222 • 19:29 • 0 comments

To commemorate the 2500th entry, someone asked me this question,

Meichan from Hokkaido

「What's your best subject in elementary school?」

Answer is : PE

That is Physical Education

I find the other subjects boring (Laugh)

However, in my memory, I still enjoy the time I was studying.

I feel that even if you are not good at certain things, you'll still be able to overcome them,

Therefore no matter how, try to challenge it, this is the most important aspect!

Look at him, he certainly looked like an active boy who was very good in sports when he was young! I think he still is today, judging by his agility during the recent game shows!^^

" I find the other subjects boring"...I wonder whether any of his elementary school teachers are following his nikki..LOL

I enjoyed my school days too, those were the carefree days!

The last 2 lines are very meaningful, indeed, don't simply give up, try your best till the end and you'll live with no regrets! ^^

**Heehee! Just notice the dragon on his T-shirt in this picture!! So, he has already set sight on becoming a dragon at that young age.^^ All the best to your upcoming concerts! Wish you success in chasing the dragon dreams! Ganbatte!



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